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Things to Consider When It Comes to Stage Lighting Installation

Stage lighting is a fundamental yet overlooked aspect of event management. You need to pay attention to the littlest details to ensure that your event can go ahead as planned. There is more to lighting than simply putting a spotlight on your hosts, performers and guests. Stage lighting creates an excellent ambience and builds a visual experience that is unlike any other.

Take your stage lighting to a whole new level with a LED display wall from a reputable LED wall supplier. You will leave your guests in awe and give them a memorable experience.

However, do take note of the following pointers before your stage lighting installation to achieve the best results.

LED technology

Instead of choosing conventional lights, it is best to go for their light-emitting diode (LED) counterparts. The latter are cutting-edge an

d energy efficient types of light. In general, they are approximately 75% more efficient compared to halogen incandescent lamps and about 30% more efficient than compact fluorescent lamps.

All these can be enjoyed without compromising lighting attributes because LED technology produces the same level of brightness as the aforementioned alternatives.

Have a plan

Prior to installation, make sure you have a foolproof plan. This precautionary measure can help you avoid the tendency of getting the wrong lighting equipment and performing inappropriate stage lighting installation.

Bear in mind that your plan should include the direction of the light since your choice of light angles can contribute to the overall experience of the attendees. This is important when it comes to artistic as well as theatrical events.

Dynamic video

Dynamic video can make your stage event more lively and vibrant. To achieve this, choose cutting-edge moving head LED fixtures that are specifically designed to function as video projectors. You can even program them to vary brightness, colors and angles. Having them in your event is like having an animated gobo that can deliver captivating effects.

Traditional and modern lighting

Despite the prevalence of modern lighting like LED, traditional ones like tungsten and halogen still have their place. But it is best to have a combination of both to deliver the best results. Using traditional fixtures to your lighting plan can expand your choices and stretch your budget.

Summing up

As simple as it may seem, proper stage lighting installation is difficult to achieve, especially if you perform it the do-it-yourself way. With the pointers here, you can simplify the process and ensure that your event will be as stress-free as possible.

For the best results, hire a professional lighting company known to deliver exceptional solutions for their clients and backed by a long history of customer satisfaction.

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