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3 Ways to Make Your LED Wall Work

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

When it comes to indoor and outdoor advertising, LED walls or LED displays are gaining popularity. They are eye-catching and easily capture the attention of the viewers. These solutions likewise can enhance your marketing strategies and visual presentations – helping to convey your message across the target audience.

Whether you plan to rent an LED wall or get LED display solutions, take a look at what you need to know to make it work.

1. Understand the goals of using an LED wall.

Before using an LED wall or LED signage, you must first consider the reasons behind it. What are your business goals? Is it to promote your business? Or is it to integrate such in your corporate events? In doing so, you can identify the difference between using an LED wall versus the current strategy or solution your business is currently undertaking.

For instance, an LED TV display or wall that is strategically located in airports, large-scale trade shows, and shopping malls are used to reach a wider audience and communicate their message to them. On the other hand, LED walls are also useful for displaying engaging visuals in concert halls, conference rooms, theme parks, and the like, to keep guests and visitors entertained.

2. Consider the space.

Space and size matter. It is important to consider the space or size the LED signage will be occupying to determine the appropriate brightness, resolution, and other requirements of the video wall you’ll get.

Let’s say, you’re joining a trade show, and your business is assigned with a small booth only. Considering the limited space, you’ll probably want to use a smaller LED video wall than a large one as the latter may be too overwhelming for your audience. This may also detract them from the contents of your video wall.

3. Be careful of how you present your content.

The content is the most important part of your LED Wall. Without good content, your video display will be useless. Thus, it is necessary to think carefully about your content and how to properly present it.

Keep your content short and concise. Don’t make it too long as most viewers have a short span of attention, and if it’s too boring or lengthy, they will look elsewhere.

Instead, focus on presenting short and simple messages that are straight to the point.

Make sure that your text or display is readable. Coordinate this matter with your chosen LED wall manufacturer and ensure that the text on your video wall is clear and large enough for people to read. It will be pointless if viewers can’t read what is shown no matter how engaging and creative it was presented.

Summing Up

To achieve optimal results, it is best to work with an LED wall manufacturer that can attend to all your needs and assist you from the start to the end of your project. Choose the one that has vast experience operating in the field and unparalleled commitment to providing exceptional solutions for their clients.

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