The recent news and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 situation have cause us significant worry over our health and well being. SL Pro Group Pte Ltd  is committed  to provide you the best protection possible. We have partnered with China manufacturer to become a distributor of high quality disposable surgical masks and KN95 masks. We also offer instant hand sanitiser, thermometer and intelligent screening device  at a very reasonable price. Stay safe and well.

Protection Mask

Disposable Surgical
KN95 Mask

Instant Hand Sanitiser

Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer

Intelligent Screening Device

Professional Audio Lighting Led Wall Displays Solutions


Clair Lighting promises good quality and reliablility of professional lighting equipment at affordable price.


LED walls are the new standard for displaying video-brighter images, more economical, reliable and flexible platform.


We sell different brands of  speakers, mixers, amplifiers and other accessories. We create immersive experiences through providing professional audio support.


We provide service in customising laser cut gobo designs for various movinghead lights at affordable price.

New Products & Services

Hot Sale!!!

Mini 8 Movinghead 200W 3in1 beam/ spot /wash

Introducing one of Clair Lighting Mini Series range of led Movinghead 3in1. Compact and powerful. Using the most advance powerful LED light engine. Packed with most advance features in a compact body. Vibrant colour output and super clear optics for sharper gobo images

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