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Projectors vs. LED Wall Display in Singapore

When it comes to large screens, you have two popular options on the market: LED wall lighting displays and projectors. While projectors are recognized as the classic means of video display, LED wall screens have started invading the market with a wide range of applications such as store signage, billboards, and other retail advertising screens. However, it is always wise to know the pros and cons of both before choosing one. Below are some key factors that you need to consider when comparing the two.

1. Visibility

It is no secret that LED wall panels are much brighter and more direct than the video display of a projector. Since the LED wall lighting display supplies its own source of light, the images come out crisper and more vivid to the viewers unlike what they project on a separate screen through a projector.

While projectors typically indicate up to a 30% loss of brightness after their first year of use, LED screens maintain the original brightness, high-contrast, and saturated color range throughout their lifespan. The visibility of projector displays is affected by ambient light, while LED images remain the same, making them the ideal choice for outdoor occasions like festivals, ballparks, stadiums, and billboards.

2. Clarity

With advancing technology, High Definition (HD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) have become the latest sensations in visual displays. Projectors display standard definition but they fail to display HD visuals while LED displays effortlessly catch up with the latest tech trends.

However, when it comes to the size of the visuals, projectors win a chance as they can display images on larger surfaces at the minimum cost whereas the LED visuals are limited to the size of the panels.

3. Freedom and Flexibility

Unlike projectors, LED screens are easy to install and quickly power up. As they are thin and relatively light, they can be installed and dismantled easily. When using projectors it is crucial to have a high-quality screen to display the visuals. Even though you are equipped with all the necessary items, unless you install the projector at the right distance from the screen and dim the surroundings, you will not receive clear images like what you see on LED screens.

4. Cost

When installing a display screen, the cost is a major factor to be concerned about. It is a known fact that LED display screens require an upfront cost of about 15% to 20% higher than projectors. However, considering the maintenance cost and low energy consumption, LED screens are much more efficient in the long run. LED screens are generally low-maintenance while projector bulbs and light engines require expensive routine replacements. LED displays come with audio-visual technology and they deliver excellent performance, giving great value for your money in the long run.

Looking for a LED Wall Supplier?

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