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Bring Your Stage to Life with Professional Audio and Lighting Services


Stage audio & lighting is the perfect way to create ambience and atmosphere. With the use of the right stage audio & lighting, you can ensure that your stage production or event is transformed into a visual and auditory spectacle. Without stage lighting or audio, your production could be left entirely bland and uninteresting so it is crucial that you get the right stage lighting and audio ready for an event or production. 


What stage lighting offers 




The primary purpose of lighting is for visibility. Whether it is for the audience to see the stage performers or to see others at an event, lighting is imperative. In fact, certain studies have shown that visibility even affects our ability to understand spoken speech. 




With the right lighting, you will be able to create whatever mood or atmosphere best befits your event or production. This can help you in communicating certain ideas to your audience. For instance, choosing harsh overhead lighting can help keep your audience feeling alert and focused, while softer lamp lights can create a more relaxed atmosphere. With the use of coloured lighting, you can enhance the atmosphere further. For example, by using orange lighting you can create a sense of playfulness and joy, while with blue you can create a more sombre tone. 




With lighting, you will be able to reinforce certain ideas or draw attention to certain people. If it is an event with an important speaker, you can use a spotlight to ensure that everyone’s attention is focused on the speaker. You can also use lighting for stage productions to draw attention to things like certain props or set pieces. 


What stage audio offers


Louder sound


With stage audio equipment, you will be able to deliver an enhanced sound to your audience. With the right sound equipment, anyone speaking will be able to be heard by every audience member, even the ones at the very back. 


Sound effects

With audio equipment, you will even be able to add in certain sound effects to your production or event. Sound effects can include things like a radio playing, a doorbell ringing or even just background music for any waiting periods. This adds a lot more variety and ensures that the audience will not be left bored. 




Sound can also greatly influence the mood or atmosphere of a production or event, working in conjunction with the lighting. Whether you want to create a sad mood, an uplifting mood or an adventurous mood; sound can achieve any of these. 


Find the stage audio & lighting system for you


But how can you find the right stage audio & lighting? Well, we at SL Pro Group can ensure that your event or production is absolutely impeccable. We specialize in stage lighting, stage effects and stage design in general. We can work with you on anything from weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, stage productions and more. Our services include finding the best solutions for you that work with your budget and specific requirements. We strive to deliver detailed quotes of our services, along with comprehensive explanations of the systems we plan, in order to keep our clients in the loop. Our services are also entirely customisable, so we can provide you with whatever level of involvement you require. 


With years of experience in the audio-visual industry, we are well aware of all the industry standards. Equipped with the latest technology, our staff can ensure that you meet all your visual expectations. Before we undertake any project, we strive to fully understand your needs. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to come up with the best solutions, planning and designing everything meticulously. This involves looking at several different aspects of our service, including quality, functionality, price and budget. So whether you are looking to buy or rent stage audio or lighting equipment, we have got you covered. We also offer continuing services to help provide our clients with the best solutions, for a minimal fee or even a free consultation. 


For stage audio, we are able to help you create immersive auditory experiences with our auditory support services. We also resell many reputable speakers from Bose, Das, Mackie EAW and more. 


When it comes to stage lighting, we have our own brand, Clair Lighting, which offers you the lighting solutions you need for affordable prices. Our professional lighting equipment comes at the highest quality and offers reliability and unique features that will ensure a stunning visual show. 


Lighting equipment we offer


Here are some of the lighting equipment that you may want for your stage production or event. 


  • Moving-head lights

  • LED displays

  • Wash lights

  • Stage lights

  • Effect lights

  • Lasers

  • Controllers

  • Gobo Projectors


Stage lighting repair services


Historically, stage lighting required a lot of maintenance and repair, with bulbs popping at inconvenient times or with colour filters that constantly need changing. Nowadays, lighting technology has improved a great deal, with LED fixtures built to last for more than 50,000 hours. This means that stage lighting repair will not need to be done as frequently but still does require regular servicing. In either case, here at SL Pro Group, we also offer stage lighting repair services and maintenance services so that you can ensure that all your stage lights are working properly. Following an extensive examination of your equipment, we can quote some of the most accurate rates for your repair. Depending on the product and manufacturer, we can even offer spare parts. 


So if you have a broken stage light, do not hesitate to contact us and get it fixed for your next production. Moreover, if you choose to buy your equipment from us, we ensure a one-year warranty on all our products, as an assurance of its quality and reliability. 

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