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We provide the best solution to cater to your sound, lightings and visual requirements.

 Customer's needs 

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Our customers are our priority. SL Pro ensures you  good service by listening to you to be able to resolve your needs on lighting services  and  assist you properly from the start to the end of the project



 Planning and designing

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Because we only want the best for you,  we always do careful planning and designing on how you want it, where you want it, every move for a smooth workflow, considering every possible and reliable ways to your needs and choosing the right solution to give you the best. 



Expert project team

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We promise not only good quality and reliable products but also provides  immidiate services on projects from our efficient staffs. We have  the best and the  right people to do the right job.


SL Pro


We provide consultative process in the selection of appropriate products base on several factors that will match on customer's expectations like quality, functionality, price and budget, etc. SL Pro is using the  best and affordable equipments  from the leading brands as a solution to your needs.



sl pro

Our commitment to you is to give you a satisfied and guaranteed services and products. Because of your unending  trust and loyalty, we provide you with one (1) year warranty on all its products as an assurance of good quality and service and to provide you with no risk perceptions.

Continuing Service 

SL Pro

 We will provide the best help and solutions  to customers at a minimal amount of fee or even free consultation to improve their business when they need us and to maintain a friendly and continuing business to us.


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